Casey Mullineaux


Hi, I’m Casey. I have a deep passion for cyber security, cloud computing and system automation. I’m a 15+ year IT veteran and experienced business professional, and seek to help and support my peers whenever I can.

I build things

I enjoy figuring out solutions to complex problems and then getting on the tools and making them a reality. With Azure as my choice of cloud Pokemon, I’ve helped countless organizations find success with their migrations to the cloud.

I love to code. I use the discipline of DevOps to build and deploy sustainable, repeatable and automated cloud solutions by leveraging infrastructure-as-code and Azure Pipelines. From IaaS deployments, to serverless solutions with Azure Functions, to micro-service architecture with Azure Kubernetes Services, I automate it all and love every second of it.

One of my hobbies is microelectronics,. I love to make my own IoT creations that adds a level of complexity to my life that I dare not impose on anyone but my family. Say a prayer for them.

I’m also an amateur woodworker and am lucky enough to have space at home for my own little workshop. It feeds my hunger for learning new things and acquiring new skills, and I believe it’s good for your health to have hobbies away from the computer.

I automate things

I’m a bit of a polyglot. I’ve automated problems away using python, powershell, C# and ASP.NET. Many of my colleagues have learned that if you want a manual process automated, then make me do it once.

I strongly believe that getting humans to blindly follow steps 1-10 of a word doc or wiki article is a gross misappropriation of value. If you’ve got a structured repeatable task, that’s a job for a computer. Let your people do the complicated stuff like unstructured problem solving.

I automate all sorts of things from complex business processes, to Azure infrastructure deployments, to minor inconveniences in my personal life. If it’s a repeatable task, I want to automate it.

I secure things

To know how to secure something, you must first know how it can be broken. As it turns out, when it comes to breaking things, I’m a natural.

I thoroughly enjoy the challenges offered with offensive security. My development background helps me to understand how applications are created and how they interact with other systems, which is critical to figuring out how an application can be exploited.

Any fool can know. The point is to understand. -Albert Einstein

I sharpen my ethical hacking skills in my spare time with hacking challenges such as HackTheBox, which continues to be an invaluable learning tool.

I choose to wield this power for good, and not evil. I have often consulted with teams of developers or system administrators, and advised organizations on identifying how their applications, systems and even people can be exploited. I then work with these teams to remediate the vulnerabilities, and create and implement preventative controls.